Concrete Polishing Systems

Over the last ten years manufacturers have developed better tooling and machinery in order to improve efficiency and quality. At Concrete Polishing Systems, our standard of workmanship is backed by years of research, development and on the tools experience.

We don’t follow a set of instructions, as our operators are trained to recognise and address variables that can affect functionality, durability and visual appeal.

With our across the board experience, we pride ourselves on great communication, professionalism and a very high standard of work.



Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is mechanical refining process, it’s a unique system that can be altered to suit your budget and style ranging from gloss level to exposure.


External Concrete honing and sealing

Concrete honing and sealing is ideal for external and wet area environments were slip resistance is needed.


Terrazzo restoration and polishing

Terrazzos is a flooring system that has been around for centuries, its versatility as a flooring option is widely used due to its serviceable and beautiful nature performing in very harsh environments.


Concrete Benchtops

Concrete countertops are a great way to express your creativity and to add something special to your home, office or business.

No matter how small or how difficult, we always complete our projects with customer satisfaction!

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