Our concrete polishing system

It is very important to understand the process involved in the mechanical refinement of any polished concrete in Brisbane substrate. There is no set method as all concrete is different. Our system involves the application of concrete densifyer throughout various stages in order to achieve maximum crystallization and hardening. The polymer compound to fill pinholes throughout the grouting stages is of a non biodegradable nature to ensure a long lasting and quality finish. All our tooling and penetrating sealers are from reputable companies from Sweden, Italy and Bulgaria.

Surface/Cream polishing

Cream/surface concrete polishing in Brisbane is a great contemporary and durable option for both commercial and residential buildings. Its aim is to remove the very topmost crust of the concrete to make it accept the chemicals or products to polish or coat. To achieve this, the concrete must be installed to a very high standard in flatness and finish as no metal bond tools are used in the process. Any variation in the overall finish will result in an inconsistent floor preparation with variations in colour, density and undulations. When choosing to surface/cream polish it is important to evaluate a mix that the end user will be happy with, in a semi exposed or exposed finish in the event the concrete is not up to a standard to be surface/cream polished.

66127337 - interior view of a dining room overlooking on the entrance with concrete floor, wood ceiling and staicase in a rustoc villa
46198058 - design of spacious minimalist hallway. cream and light pink walls,white ceiling and polished concrete flooring. 3d render

Partial exposure

The main element in a partial or salt and pepper finish is to grind enough of the concrete to achieve an overall flatness. This type of finish is dependent on consistent aggregate distribution and can vary depending on the mix and the installation of the concrete.


Full Exposure

A fully exposed polished concrete floor has the benefit of achieving overall flatness with the majority of floor imperfections such as discolorations and indentations disappearing by grinding between 3mm and 4mm to achieve the full exposure. The element of an exposed floor brings a very creative aspect to your concrete substrate with the addition of hand seeding special stone and glass.


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